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About The Artist 


     Celestine Pearl is a queer first generation Filipina- American and her pronouns are she/her/they. She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area and she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a makeup artist. As a child Celestine has always thrived in creative environments and picked up hobbies such as crocheting, drawing, sewing, and beading. She has always been a hands on person and loved experimenting with different mediums of art. As an adolescent, she always felt such peace and excitement knowing there were endless possibilities of color, finishes, and tools.


      She is a longtime lover of makeup artistry & its deep rooted history. Growing up, she went to college to pursue a Bachelors Degree which placed her creative nature on a long hold. After graduating college, she had a stable career in healthcare but found herself unmotivated in the industry. In 2020, at 29 years old, she had a major turning point in which she decided to fully pursue and indulge in her passion of makeup artistry and hitting play to her long pause to create. Fresh in the beauty industry, Celestine is eager to collaborate with other artists, and continually make an effort to learn. 


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