My Story

Lipgloss was my gateway into the endless array of beauty products. I stepped into a Sephora store as an adolescent and felt such peace and excitement knowing there were endless possibilities of color, finishes, and tools. I still feel this way today. 


My name is Celestine Pearl also known as Cel. I am currently a freelance makeup artist and a longtime lover of makeup artistry & its deep rooted history. Since my elementary school days I have always been a creative--  color, nature, imagination, and being able to express without words instilled such excitement in me. I am a first generation Filipina- American and was taught that the only "successful" option for a career was in healthcare. I went to college and accomplished milestones with little regard of my personal interests instead focused on following the "rules" that were set forth by my culture. After graduating college, I ended up with a stable career in health care but found myself unmotivated in the industry. Early 2019 was my turning point in which I decided to fully pursue and indulge into my passion of makeup artistry and create . 


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